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Developing a High Performing Student is a guide for students of all ages and their parents, from early stage primary school through college, that helps students to understand what the highest performing students do on a daily basis to prepare for class, for exams, and for the challenges of homework.  This book includes chapters that detail how to take notes and how to participate in classroom discussion, how to interact with instructors and how to use tutors and electronic media to get the most out of classroom study. 

This book provides detailed discussion and step-by-step guidance on the following;

  • How students of all ages can succeed in school and make A’s
  • How students and parents can work together to achieve academic success
  • How to use checklists to guide at-home studies and help students prepare to take a test
  • How students can use their testing experience to improve and do better on the next test
  • How parents can start their children on the road to academic success at an early age

Whether you are a:

  • Student wondering how to improve test scores and make better grades
  • Parent wanting to help your student study better and excel in school
  • College student seeking to raise your grade point average in order to land the best job possible, or
  • Family member or family friend looking to help others improve academically,

The Book is written for YOU!

Developing A High-Performing Student

  • This e-book version can be purchased through the following stores:

    • Amazon
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Apple iBooks

    Just search the book title in the store of your choice!

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