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Developing a High Performing Student is a product of notes taken from interviews conducted with several successful students and their parents and teachers from around the globe to find out what made them successful.  This book serves as a guide to other students to help them distinguish what it takes to be effective both in and outside of the classroom.  The book focuses on how successful students study, plan and organize their time, how they prepare for tests, how they take notes and participate in class, and how they assure they are fully prepared to take tests.  This book has been highly recommended by parents, students, and professional educators as a great resource for helping students.

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About the Author

Joe Barnes is a retired engineering executive with an oil and gas corporation and owner of the Academic Performance Center in Montgomery, Texas.  Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, Joe strongly advocates higher learning.  Joe and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of four current college students.  Joe graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.  A very active volunteer in his community, Joe supports charitable and youth-oriented programs in his area and has a goal of helping all youth reach their potential both in and outside of the classroom.  

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Developing a High Performing Student is a guide for students of all ages and their parents, from early stage primary school through college, that helps students to understand what the highest performing students do on a daily basis to prepare for class, exams, and the challenges of homework.  This book includes chapters that detail how to take notes, participate in classroom discussions, interact with instructors, and how to use tutors and electronic media to get the most out of classroom study. 

This book provides detailed discussion and step-by-step guidance on the following:

  • How students of all ages can succeed in school and make A’s

  • How students and parents can work together to achieve academic success

  • How to use checklists to guide at-home studies and help students prepare to take a test

  • How students can use their testing experience to improve and do better on the next test

  • How parents can start their children on the road to academic success at an early age

Whether you are a:

  • Student wondering how to improve test scores and make better grades

  • Parent wanting to help your student study better and excel in school

  • College student seeking to raise your grade point average in order to land the best job possible, or

  • Family member or family friend looking to help others improve academically,

The Book is written for YOU!

My Books

“I found the book, “Developing A High Performing Student,” to be one of the most practical and useful guides that I have come across.  As a parent, I think that it is common to want to learn what has working from other parents especially when it comes to kids who perform well in school.  The author’s approach is stepwise and really covers the early years all the way through high school and beyond.  I think that parents and educators alike would benefit from reading this book. I particularly like that the author offers a process from goal setting to learn how to prepare for test. I found that it is easy to lean toward a “try everything” approach when trying to guide a child particularly if the child is not achieving good grades.  I found myself in agreement with the book’s advice to implement a learning process and be consistent.  Excellent, thought-provoking, and an easy read!  Definitely a valuable resource.”

David D,


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Helpful Diagrams

Helpful Diagrams from the book

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